“A Muslim, a Christian and a Jewish person” talk about human brotherhood

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The Blanquerna Observatory on Communication, Religion and Culture travelled to Porto, Portugal, to participate in the conference “Um muçulmano, um cristão e um judeu entramos numa puerta” on interreligious dialogue in Portugal. The activity, co-ordinated by the Observatory and the MEERU | Abrir Caminho association, with the support of the KAICIID‘s Network for Dialogue, visited various places of worship in Porto and ended with a round table of religious leaders at the “door” of the Igreja de Nossa Senhora do Perpétuo Socorro. Coinciding with the International Day of Human Fraternity and contrasting with a weekend of anti-Islamic mobilisations in Lisbon, the conference emphasised that “we must focus on knowing the richness of each other’s identities, religions and traditions, and not on ignorance and conflict”.