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Al Fanar Foundation‘s main objective is to bring the Spanish-speaking world closer to the political, social and cultural reality of the Arab world, understanding “Arab World” in all its geographical breadth, linguistic plurality, ethnic variety and cultural diversity, with all its nuances and richness.

The Foundation’s challenge is to bring the Arab world closer to the West by working with the companies, associations and institutions that make up the “Friends of Al Fanar” and supporting them in their daily work.

Through the information they provide and the projects they work on, they aim to contribute to changing the prejudiced image of the Arab world in favour of authentic knowledge and a model of intercultural society where not only spaces are shared, but also experiences and concerns that unite us as citizens.

The Al Fanar Foundation combines constant projects over time – such as the dissemination and expansion of its Documentary Fund, which with more than 170,000 entries is the largest database of Arabic press in any Western language -, or the Translation in Movement project, in which new cultural products of the changing Arab reality are made known. In addition, the Foundation carries out specific projects on a variety of subjects, such as the exhibition ‘Palestinian History and Identity through Graphic Humour‘ or the trilingual comic Casa Bábili.

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