“Ara Parlen Elles”

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The recent literary event “Ara parlen elles” (Now they speak), held as part of the Jornades Blanquerna on Communication and International Relations on 6 March, provided a platform for an in-depth conversation between authors Anna Punsoda and Emma Zafón. Moderated by Dr Lana Kazkaz of the Blanquerna Observatory and Laia Arànega, a second-year Advertising, Public Relations and Marketing student, the discussion allowed for an in-depth exploration of the themes present in Punsoda’s La terra dura and Zafón’s Casada i callada.

As Punsoda and Zafón delved into the complexities of their respective works, the participants were captivated by the deep understanding and mutual respect evident in their dialogue. Each author shared their perspectives on the experiences of the women portrayed in their stories, offering profound insights into the intricate dynamics of gender roles and societal expectations.

Through their exchange, Punsoda and Zafón illuminated the power of literature to provoke thought and inspire change, leaving participants with a renewed appreciation for the diverse voices shaping contemporary literature and challenging social norms.