Beatus Technological

Beatus Technological: Industry 4.0, coronavirus, values ​​and spirituality

Authors: Josep-Lluís Micó, Míriam Díez Bosch

Plot: The beatus are the codices with miniatures derived from the Commentarium in Apocalypsin of San Juan written by Beato de Liébana, a very influential monk during the High Middle Ages who reflected in his manuscript the insoluble struggle between good and evil. The future that the technological prophets imagine from the innovations of the present is equally apocalyptic: trans-humans and post-humans who share more characteristics with machines than with people, artificial intelligence systems devoid of values, subjects who indulge in religion digital … And even more if the effect of the terrible coronavirus crisis is taken into account. Many citizens miss a modern guide that, like medieval codices, serves as a guide or model for the fourth industrial revolution. Hence the elaboration of this Beatus Technological.

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