Chair of Mysticism and Communication

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Chair of Mysticism and Communication

The Chair of Mysticism and Communication supports, promotes, researches, and catalyzes conversations on the world’s mystical traditions. This, to enhance our understanding of the mystical phenomenon, the ways in which it is produced and communicated, and how this communication is preserved and transmitted. The Chair understands mysticism in a broad sense –that is, as any spiritual, mental, or physical activity that aims to achieve the union (or, at least, contact) of the person (or the community) with the divinity, by various means (asceticism, devotion, love, contemplation, intoxication, celebration, sacrifice, repetition, liturgy, et al). The Chair is especially interested in research that critically engages with communication theory, rigorous hermeneutic-interpretive analysis of texts considered mystical, and with the history of the transmission of these traditions, including strong interdisciplinary collaborations in which philosophical, historical, theological, or anthropological understanding informs and is informed by the findings and methods of the communication sciences.

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