Catholic Communities Online (Blanquerna Observatory Book 3) (English Edition)

Editors: Míriam Díez Bosch, Josep Lluís Micó and Josep Maria Carbonell.

Plot: One thing that is striking about the Catholic Church is its permanence. As an organization, the Church has survived cultural changes and varying political scenarios and is even now adapting with no major resistance to the new information technologies. Roman Catholicism still creates a sort of fascination and interest on the Net. Amongst the more enthusiastic forms of engagement that emerged recently in the Catholic Church, certainly the digital arena is one of the most interesting and is one of the prominent ways in which Catholics have found common ground to share and celebrate their world vision. The chapters in this book have been organized by starting with a common general analysis and ending with specific case studies from different parts of the world. The chapters of the
book cover a broad range of topics dealing mainly with the intersection of religion and technology from a concrete and delimited angle: the Roman Catholic Church.

Authors: Paul Soukup, Michele Sorice, Leticia Soberón, Paolo Padrini, Anthony G. Roman, Franklin Cornejo, Marta Kolodziejska and Xabier Riezu.

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