Church and technology at a webinar by the Blanquerna Observatory

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The Blanquerna Observatory on Communication, Religions and Culture carried out the webinarChurch and Technology in Post-Pandemic Times” to present the last report from the project “Tech in Churches during COVID-19“, titles “‘We’re still here’: Reflections of Post-Pandemic Digital Church“. The event counted with the participation of Heidi Campbell, main researcher and Communication professor at the Texas A&M University, and from Grayson Sparks, research assistant and student at University A&M of Texas. The webinar was moderated by the Blanquerna Observatory’s researcher Valentina Laferrara. The report “‘We’re still here’: Reflections of Post-Pandemic Digital Church” offers perspectives based on a survey asked to 246 ecclesiastic leaders from Indiana who received technological subventions from the Center for Congregations in 2020. The goal of the report is to examine how the decisions and attitudes towards technology evolved during the global pandemic. More information about this project in the following link.