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Ethics inside a yogurt

What is it about?

“Ethics inside a yogurt” or EDI Project is an innovative project that means to explore and spread the ethical dimensions communicatively and internationally to the company beyond Corporate Social Responsibility, in particular that of the 6th most socially responsible company in the Spanish State, the cooperative La Fageda, a producer of yogurts that offers employment to people with intellectual disabilities and mental illness in La Garrotxa.

Objectives of the project

  • To promote research in the subject of applied ethics in organizations from a digital communication perspective
  • To unite investigation personnel and URL faculty and involve them in the project’s dissemination and communication
  • To apply this case study as “good practice” among international leadership and ethics students at the Pontifical Gregorian University of Rome
  • To incorporate analysts of Deusto University into research about ethics and communication
  • To internationalize the La Fageda case study (Bologna, Colorado) and to create tools that allow it to be replicated

Studies on La Fageda’s values have already been developed, but none has focused on the dissemination, awareness campaigns and the ethical didactics in this framework, nor has there been an analysis of La Fageda’s reputation following social media or applying data visualization techniques that allowed the exploration and exportation of La Fageda’s ethical leadership at an international level.

What motivates La Fageda employees? Do they share the company’s values on social media? What does the media focus on when referring to the cooperative? What is the role of the founder in the awareness campaigning of the ethical values that the company exudes? These are some of the questions that research means to analyze and present as “good practice” through interviews, participatory observation, focus groups and social media tracking.

EDI is the name of a project that focuses on the role of what can be called “ethical leadership” as a case study, and on the depiction of the ethical values of the company, disseminating it as a model to stimulate more awareness campaigns and didactics research.

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