The religious fabric of Syria. The complexity of beliefs.

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Monday 14th and 28th October 2013 at 7pm at the Joan Maragall Foundation Syria is an Arab country. Sunni Muslims make up about three quarters of the population, while the rest is made up of a wide variety of religious beliefs: among others, there are Christians of various denominations, i.e. Catholics (Jacobites, Maronites, Melkites), some Protestants, Orthodox, etc. From the Muslim world, there are the Alawite Shiites (the name given to the Nusayris after the French occupation in 1924), the majority Shiites and other less numerous groups that are not considered to belong to the Islamic or Christian world, such as the Yazidis and the Druze. Finally, there are the representatives of the oldest religions, such as the heterogeneous Jewish communities.
Almost all Syrians speak Arabic and share the same culture, cuisine and folklore. It is well known that the current regime is in the hands of the Alawites, and there is every reason to believe that they are fighting not only to retain political power, but are also aware that their existence as a religious community is at stake. The first of these two lectures will be devoted to an analysis of the branches of Islam, and the second to the various Christian churches. Place: Auditorium of the Joan Maragall Foundation Time: 19h Admission to these conferences is free but must be confirmed in advance Online registration TWO LECTURES BY DOLORS BRAMON Doctor in Semitic Philology (1984) and Medieval History (1998) from the University of Barcelona, she is a member of the Institute of Catalan Studies. She teaches at the Universitat de Barcelona and at the Institut Superior de Ciències Religius de Barcelona (ISCREB). An expert on Islam, she is the author of books such as Contra moros y judíos, Tres i Quatre, València 1981 (translated into English, Barcelona 1985 and Arabic, Cairo 2005); Apertura al islam, Cruce, Barcelona 2001, 2nd ed. 2002 (translated into English, Crítica, Barcelona 2002); Ser mujer y musulmana, Cruce, Barcelona 2007 (2nd ed. 2008) and Vuelvo al islam y las musulmanas. Ed. Bellaterra, Barcelona 2010.