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The Foundation for Islamic Culture & Religious Tolerance (FICRT) is a public interest entity founded in 2017 with objectives approved by the Ministry of Education and Culture, which are: to promote interfaith dialogue within a framework of tolerance and integration; to promote cultural mediation through knowledge of Islamic culture, language and civilisation. These goals imply a long-term commitment with the Spanish civil society to promote religious tolerance among individuals of all cultures and religions, as well as to encourage good practices of coexistence, sustainable development, cooperation, solidarity, respect for values and cultural diversity.

Some of the activities in their annual programme include:

  • The organisation of congresses and conferences with experts from different fields to discuss actions and strategies to promote the integration and tolerance of religious minorities in civil society in Spain and Europe.
  • The organisation of courses and seminars aimed at promoting knowledge of cultural and various aspects related to Islam (such as history, literature, law and economics, sociological, anthropological and religious aspects, Arabic language, art and craftsmanship).
  • The publication of books, magazines, brochures and physical and digital material with content related to the objectives of the foundation.
  • The organisation of exhibitions, shows and events with invited artists, intellectuals and university professors with the aim of disseminating the diverse and plural cultural aspects of Islamic civilisation and its interrelationship with other cultures.
  • The hosting of conferences with international relations experts, diplomats and relevant personalities for the promotion of knowledge of Islam in the West.

Their vision, mission and values:

  • Vision: global tolerance and sustainable cultural coexistence.
  • Mission: to develop fraternity on a global scale and to consolidate peace between religions; to spread a discourse of peace and affection; to organise conferences, exhibitions and scientific and cultural activities; to publish books and magazines in various media.
  • Values: cooperation, affection, respect of values and cultural differences.
  • Goals:
    • To promote the values of religious tolerance among people of different religions and ethnicities, all in order to contribute to interreligious dialogue.
    • To disseminate Islamic culture, tolerance, coexistence, cultural mediation and interreligious dialogue, its interrelation with other ethnic groups and knowledge of the Arab culture and language.

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