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Spiritual Cinema

Since 2015, the Observatory carries out the organization and communication of the “Mostra de cinema espiritual de Catalunya” (Spiritual Cincema Showcase of Catalonia), with support from the General Direction of Religious Affairs (DGAR) of the Department of Justice of the Generalitat of Catalonia. It is an annual film contest with the goals of valuing spirituality through cinema, make visible the different religious manifestations and contributing to the interreligious dialogue and social cohesion (similar goals to the DGAR’s). Other goals of the Mostra are to educate through cinema and to contribute to social reinsertion of intern people in penitentiary centers and educative centers of juvenile justice.

International Seminar of Spiritual Cinema Festivals (2016)

Celebrated in the framework of the Mostra de Cinema Espiritual and gathering the 10 directors of the main spiritual festivals of the world. The Observatory organized this event and edited a book with all its contributions. It was the first meeting of this sort as these directors had never met with the goal of presenting their festivals, debating good practices, experiences, creating synergies, etc.

Communication of the Mostra de Cinema Espiritual de Catalunya (2017)

The Observatory designs and executes the communication plan of the event, apart from collaborating in production and organization work alongside the General Direction of Religious Affairs of the Generalitat of Catalonia.

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