I Communication Union of Religious of Catalonia Day

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How can we communicate the values of our congregations in the current global society?

Being aware of the importance of communication in our congregations, a fundamental and indispensable tool to know our charisma, the URC organizes the I Communication Union of Religious of Catalonia Day with the goal of thinking and sharing around how we can communicate our values in the curren globalized society.

The event is especially addressed to people who lead and manage the communication in congregations or who want to use as a tool the Mission service: superior and senior superiors, communication managers, pastoral managers, entities or project managers… and, in general, any person who intervenes in the day to day of the communication processes of the institution.

La jornada tendrá lugar el 15 de abril, de 9:3013:30 h, en la Sala Pere Casaldàliga de la Librería Claret, con una primera ponencia a cargo de Joan Francesc Cànovas. Como profesional en este campo, el poniente hará un análisis sobre el estado actual de la comunicación en el ámbito religioso y sugerirá qué decisiones se habrían que aconseguir una comunicación exitosa. En segundo lugar, se expondrán algunas experiencias que se han llevado a cabo positivamente en las congregaciones a nivel de comunicación y que pueden ser formativas para el resto de asistentes.

The event will take place on the 15th of April, from 9:30 to 13:30h, at the Sala Pere Casaldàliga of the Llibreria Claret, with a first conference by Joan Francesc Cànovas. As a professional of this field, the speaker will make an analysis of the current state of the communication in the religious context and will suggest which decisions should be made to have a successful communication. In second place, he will expose some positve experiences from the congregations in communication matters which can be useful for the rest of assistants.

You can join the event sending an email to info.urc@gmail.com