International Congress of Cinema and New Evangelization

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Friday 15th of February: from 16:30h to 20:30h; Saturday 16th of February: fom 10h to 13h; Place: Auditorium of the Blanquerna School of Communication Auditorium (Valldonzella, 12 – Barcelona).


The Congresses about the matter “Cinema and New Evangelization” aim to formulate an international proposal that will make – in ten capital cities around the world which are, apart from Rome and Barcelona, Paris, Brussels, Oxford, Budapest, Vienna, Los Angeles, Toronto and Rio de Janeiro – a reflection about the possibilities of cinema as an art and a form of media that can reach the heart of the person to face them to the last Mystery of their own being.

The famous Russian director Andrei Tarkovsky, pointing out the artistic dimension of cinema, said: “The allotted function of art is not, as is often assumed, to put across ideas, to propagate thoughts, to serve as an example. The aim of art is to prepare a person for death, to plough and harrow his soul, rendering it capable of turning to good.” This is the significant power of images, of histories, of the icons and music that with cinema make us vibrate. It is this that Pope Benedict XVI expresses with this experience: “When we stop to contemplate, we go from a simple reality to a more profound reality; it is then when a beauty ray hurts us deeply and invites us to climb up to God”. The film director Liana Marabini, through her production company Condor Pictures and the Blanquerna School of Communication, organize this Congress through the reflection experiences that have created the Spiritual Cinema Weeks and Exhibitions, which began in 2004 with the Archpriestship of Barcelona and today spread throughout the world. We hope that our proposal is attractive for educators, communicators, animators and catechists with interest for new technologies, and that it offers a valuable input between faith and culture, cinema and evangelization.

Prof. Peio Sánchez Director of the Cinema Department of the Archdiocese of Barcelona