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KAICIID is an intergovernmental organisation that brings together people of different faiths, religious leaders and politicians. They have a dual governance structure (a Council of Parties made up of states and a Governing Board made up of religious leaders) and their Consultative Forum has more than 60 religious leaders from the world’s major religions and cultural traditions. This allows them to connect and build links with communities around the world. KAICIID is the only intergovernmental organisation with a Governing Board composed of representatives of the world’s major religions.

The organisation was born out of a vision of interreligious cooperation and peace, at a time when this was sorely needed. Its member states are: the Republic of Austria, the Kingdom of Spain, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Holy See (as a founding observer). These, together with the Board of Directors, guarantee the independence of its programmes from the interests of any particular country or denomination.

They define themselves as conveners and facilitators, bringing together religious leaders, policy-makers and experts to find common solutions to common problems.

KAICIID’s mission is to promote dialogue between people and communities who would not otherwise come into contact, but whose cooperation is essential to finding effective, long-term solutions to global challenges. It regularly organises a series of workshops, conferences, seminars and forums that seek to shape today’s solutions and challenges. They build links between political leaders, dialogue practitioners and religious actors.

Local workshops, regional conferences, webinars and global forums are regularly organised to inspire global engagement and shape solutions to the defining challenges of our time. Through small, targeted events and larger public gatherings, they build connections between religious actors, political leaders and dialogue practitioners. KAICIID works regionally, focusing on the following areas: Asia, Africa, Europe and the Arab region.

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