Catalan Federation of Benedictine Nuns launches new documentary service project

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The Catalan Federation of Benedictine Nuns presents the project for the creation of the SAF (Archive Service of the Catalan Federation of Benedictine Nuns), an innovative project that involves the collaboration of four autonomous communities of Benedictine nuns in order to respond to the problems and needs related to the treatment and conservation of the private documentary heritage that they guard.

Three of the five communities preserve the documentary collections that they have created and collected over more than ten centuries of the history of Old Catalonia. With a volume of around 100,000 documents and more than 7,000 parchments.

The SAF is working to make further progress in the research of the history of the Federative Communities, as well as in the knowledge of Benedictine women’s monasticism in our country. The SAF offers a documentation consultation service for research, a documentation reproduction service for research and publication, but also for public communication or advertising, as well as guided tours for students, organisations and cultural centres wishing to learn about the history and documentary heritage preserved in the SAF’s historical archive centres.

Teaching sessions are also organised for teachers who wish to use the space and the documentary heritage preserved in the SAF’s historical archive centres to give practical lessons to their students. The SAF also organises training courses for women on the documentary and cultural heritage of Benedictine monasticism.

In addition, every year the SAF plans and organises several conferences, courses or workshops aimed at complementary training in the fields of archival science, history and various related sciences (diplomacy, palaeography, musicology, etc.), as well as itineraries, excursions and guided tours around the Catalan Benedictine nunneries and their historical sites. SAF.

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