Obs at an interfaith meeting promoting fraternity

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In a gesture of unity and dialogue, a Jewish person, a Christian person and a Muslim person have accepted the challenge of sitting around the same table to discuss stories, people, concerns and hopes. The condition they set was clear: “This is our starting point, we are brothers, otherwise everything falls apart. Peace, Salam, Shalom“. The event, which coincides with the International Day of Human Fraternity, is part of the “Bridges of Faith” project promoted by Meeru Abrir Caminho and the Blanquerna Observatory of Communication, Religion and Culture. It is supported by KAICIID and the Network for Dialogue, with the collaboration of 7 Margens. It is scheduled for Sunday 4 February at 15:00 in La Porta (Rua da Firmeza, 163, Porto). Observatory member Roger Negredo will attend.