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Religions of youth in Barcelona

Project supported by the Office for Religious Affairs of the City Council of Barcelona to study how young people in the Catalan capital use technology in the field of religion. Particular attention is paid to the referents or influencers they follow and how they follow them.

The project resulted in a book written by Dr. Josep Lluís Micó and Dr. Míriam Díez Bosch.


Two-thirds of young Catalans assert that they subscribe to one of the 13 religions present in the territory. 93% of these young people have mobile phones; 8 out of 10 own a computer and half of them own a tablet. And yet, digital interreligious dialogue is practically non-existent among them. The work, based on nearly 2,000 surveys filled out by adolescents, plus complementary interviews, confirms that virtual communities of a religious nature are closely linked to the tangible physical activities carried out by the organizations to which the young people belong.

Acces the complete book

Young People, Religions and Technology in Catalonia / Adolescents, joves, religions i tecnologia. El cas català (OBS6)

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