12 June 2018



Missioners.cat is a multimedia portal that allows to get to know some of the Catalan missionaries around the world. The project contains an interactive map, infographics, mini-clips and educational sheets about whom these missionaries are, what they do, how they see life, what experiences they have in the field of interreligious or intercultural dialogue or what they think about current issues.

The project began in 2014 with the collaboration of the General Direction of Religious Affairs of the Generalitat de Catalunya and currently counts with the collaboration of the Puig-Porret Foundation.



The aim of the map is, on the one hand, to provide data and a census of Catalan missionaries around the world and, on the other, to be a showcase for the vital testimonies of these people.

The main objective is to collect and make available to everyone a documentary collection of people who are outside their country of origin, Catalonia, and who are away for religious reasons. And to do so in a journalistic and multimedia format, not just with data.

Captura de pantalla 2016-07-15 a les 18.01.40In this sense, the project aims to create a documentary collection of images, conversations, interviews and biographies of these missionaries; to elaborate an interactive and multimedia map with information related to the missionary and transcription of their social, political and religious thought; to collect the living testimony of these religious men and women, preferably those of the elderly, and to create didactic materials for the work of all those values and areas that can be linked to the testimony of these people, such as peace, interreligious dialogue, solidarity, generosity, social justice, social cohesion, interculturality and difference, inequality, human rights, Christianity or the search for the meaning of life.





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