Missioners.cat visits Mozambique and Madagascar

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The deputy director of the Blanquerna Observatory on Communication, Religion and Culture, Dr Jordi Sànchez, has travelled to Mozambique and Madagascar to expand the first map of Catalan missionaries in the world. In Mozambique, Missioners.cat has included Sister Concepció Farrés, a missionary in Maputo, Sister Anna Maria Cenizo (pictured), who is in Nkondezi, and diocesan missionary Albert Font, who has been in the African country for 59 years. In Madagascar, during the month of July, the project collected the testimony of La Salle Brother Joan Sala.

Missioners.cat has introduced more than 50 missionaries from all over Catalonia who are in countries such as Mexico, Bolivia, Peru, Cuba, the United States, Japan, India, Ethiopia and Senegal.