Monograph on Religion and Media in the Digital Age

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The international academic journal Trípodos is dedicating a monograph in English to Religion and the Media. The journal, published by the Blanquerna School of Communication of the Universitat Ramon Llull, is accepting submissions until 15 May 2014.

The digital environment is changing the forms of religiosity and has increased the interactivity and creativity of traditional online communities. While some authors believe that religion occupies a residual place in traditional media, others argue that the 2.0 environment is fertile ground for the consolidation of digital religion, with more diffuse leadership and greater participation by believers.

Mobility, lack of hierarchy, multimediality and global dissemination are just some of the dimensions of the network that allow the religious element to be more permeable, disseminated and referential in a world of multiple offers.

This issue of Trípodos aims to analyse precisely this digital presence of the religious element on the Internet, with special emphasis on experiences in social networks and in the world of applications. The aim is to offer research articles that analyse the transformation of religion in the digital era, the relevance of religion in the media and digital platforms and reflection on the persistence of religion in the new virtual environment. Experiences that show the change of religious institutions and their adaptation or resistance in the new era are also welcome.

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