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The Network for Dialogue is a European-wide platform which aims to bring together faith and civil society in order to promote the use of dialogue and work towards better recommendations for social inclusion policies for migrants and refugees in Europe.

The organization includes faith-based and secular organizations, religious leaders and scholars working in the field of migration and religious studies. Their members are, currently, from: Austria, Croatia, Germany, Portugal, Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, Serbia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. They keep working on expanding its membership to other European countries. Dr. Valentina Laferrara, member of the Blanquerna Observatory on Communication, Religion and Media, is one of the Network’s members.

Their vision: a society that embraces the inclusion of refugees and migrants to enrich communities.

Their values:

  • Diversity
  • Respect
  • Tolerance
  • Human rights
  • Integrity

The initial idea to create this platform comes from the recommendations of the December 2017 Experts Workshop on Interreligious Education in Europe in Vienna, Austria; co-hosted by The International Dialogue Centre (KAICIID) and the European Commission Representation in Austria.

Their first meeting was held in September 2018 in Austria, with 11 participants (future Network for Dialogue members). This meeting was followed by the official launch of the Network for Dialogue which took place in March 2019 in Bologna, Italy and the Network expanded to include more members from other European countries.

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