New Islamist governments facing social demands

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Jean Pierre Filiu, profesor de historia contemporanea de Oriente Medio, Instituto de Ciencias Políticas de París (Sciences Po) hará una conferencia sobre los “Nuevos gobiernos islamistas frente las demandas sociales” el lunes 11 de febrero a las 18.30h.

Jean Pierre Filiu, Middle East contemporary history professor, Political Sciences Institute of Paris (Sciences Po) will give a conference on the “New Islamist governments facing social demands”

Date: 11th of February, 2013.

Time: 18.30h

Place: IEmed (Institut Europeu de la Mediterrania); Barcelona, Girona St., 20.

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It starts with three key locations in North Africa, where three Islamist parties have received the task through the urns to pilot the democratic transition process and the constitutional reform. Begginning with different national realities, Ennahda in Tunisia, the Freedom and Justice Party in Egypt and the Egyptian National Democratic Party and that, in the Moroccan case, forced the setting up of an ambitious democratizing program lead by its own monarchy.

The risk of a social fracture is no futile question in any of these three cases. To the unusual effervescence of a highly politicized public opinion and mobilized through the events of the Arab Spring -but also very fragmented-, it is necessary to add the demands from minorities, the emancipation demands from women, youth and social sectors which have traditionally been excluded both economically and socially.