New Observatory book on atheism and literature

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The Blanquerna Observatory has published a new book dedicated to literature and atheism. This is the fifth edition of the collection, which brings together the reflections and dialogues of an interdisciplinary workshop dedicated to this topic.

El pesimismo de Schopenhauer en la narrativa de Thomas Mann, by Ignasi Boada; El sistema de castas y el problema judío como causas de la decadencia intelectual en España, by Marcelo L. Cambronero; Faith and Reason in the Constitution of Europe: The Witness of Edith Stein, by Feliciana Merino; the parallels between The Prince and Utopia, by Joan Vergés; a reflection on spirituality in the art of Antoni Tàpies, by Eulàlia Tort; The atheist narrative of Ian McEwan, analysed by Ethan Quillen; The poetry of emptiness, tackled by Míriam Díez and Jordi Sànchez, and atheism in the writing of Maurice Blanchot, by Joan Cabó, are the contents we will find in this book.