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CERES, Centre for Religious Studies

The Centre for Religious Studies (CERES) is one of Germany’s leading institutions for the study of what they call Religionswissenschaft, mostly known as religious studies. It focuses on the scientific and non-denominational study of religions.

It is part of the RURH-Universität in Bochum, the seventh largest university in Germany.

One of its research areas is Religion & Media. They believe that by studying the media it is possible to gain a better understanding of the changes in religion throughout history, as well as to explore contemporary developments in religion, society and culture.

The Religion & Media area of CERES tries to do research in underresearched fields such as:

  • Materiality perspective
  • Historical and contemporary case studies
  • Focus on Europe and Asia
  • Researching religious contacts

The Religion & Media research group involves international scholars from various disciplines. They organise workshops, establish international networks and produce conferences and publications to disseminate their research.

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