Obs on the media: Míriam Díez interview, director of the Obs, by Catalunya Cristiana

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The past 7th of March it was published the information and religious culture weekly Catalunya Cristiana. This edition invites to reflect on Covid-19 and faith. With this matter, Macià Grau interviews Míriam Díez, director of the Blanquerna Observatory on Communication, Religion and Culture. The interview has a fundament the fact that “right before the confinement, in February 2020, the 54.2% of Catalans declared themselves Catholic. In December 2020, the last CEO form tells us that the number of Catholics in Catalonia has increased to 60%, which means up to 440,000 Catholics more”.  

“It is a classic, we are like this, humans. We need to be shaken up to situate ourselves” Míriam Díez

  You can read the complete interview, as well as this edition of the weekly on the following document: