Obs on the media: Míriam Díez on the earth, the place where we come from

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On Tuesday the 13th of April, the Catalan newspaper El Punt Avui published “Earth” opinion article by Míriam Díez. In this piece, Díez describes the elements that tie us to earth -to the place where we come from; a dose of reality in the middle of so much fiction- through situations, personal and day to day experiences and even sensations. The reflection of the author accompanies the reader to think about the inclination that we humans have towards earth, and that, for now, technology can not satisfy.

Screens and devices are very cold, its essence are glass, plastics, buttons, cables. The sensation of touching earth, its smell, stepping on it, cultivating it, it is such a satisfactory experience that I empathize quickly with those who seek experiences that bring us closer to the earth element.

Míriam Díez, “Earth” El Punt Avui

You can read the complete article, in Catalan, by clicking here