Obs on the media: Valentina Laferrara writes “If Jesus lived here, he would hace a Tik Tok account”

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Valentina Laferrara, member of the Blanquerna Observatory on Communication, Religion and Culture, writes a new article for Catalunya Religió. Under the title “If Jesus lived now, he would have a Tik Tok account”, Laferrara explains how Catholicism is going viral in the social network Tik Tok by a group of consecrated who break the stereotypes of religious life in order to convey the message of Jesus to different user generations.

I decided that I was going to get a Tik Tok account because we were living a time of great hopelessness, great sadness, great isolation, and people, more than ever, were in social media

Josefina, sister of the Mercedarias del Niño Jesus Congregation, in the article “If Jesus lived now, he would have a Tik Tok account” of Catalunya Religió by Valentina Laferrara

You can check out the complete article, in Catalan, by clicking here.