Obs Webinar with Dr Amel Grami and Dr Anissa Daoudi

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The Obs WebinarWomen on the Move: Navigating Race, Gender Dynamics, and the Impact of Violence in Women’s Migration Narratives” took place on Tuesday the 7th of May 2024, with the participation of Dr Amel Grami, from Manouba University, and Dr Anissa Daoudi, from the University of Birmingham. The event was moderated by Dr Lana Kazkaz, member of the Blanquerna Observatory of Media, Religion and Culture. The webinar was meant to dive deeper in the research and the relevance women migrants have in today’s world.

Dr. Amel Grami talked about her most recent research on South African migrant women in Tunisia. She discussed topics such as intersections of race, gendered violence and racialized experiences of women in migration. She also highlighted that these migrant women took their own decision to migrate and took an active role in shaping their futures. They unite themselves in collective agencies, a women’s agency, sisterhood and women solidarity, to raise their voices together.

Dr. Anissa Daoudi talked about her research on women migration narratives and their experiences during the 1990’s in Algeria, and the Algerian Civil War. In her research she looks at how language can be utilized in terms of power dynamics and how language can be linked with areas of memory studies, trauma studies. Different workshops have been organized over the last four years, which were all documented in a digital archive.