Orientality: Cultural Orientalism and Mentality

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The conference ‘Orientality: Cultural Orientalism and Mentality‘ is organised by the Cambridge Shahnama Centre jointly with the Orientalist Museum Doha. The papers presented at the conference will discuss different aspects of Cultural Orientalism, including visual art, literature, music and dance.

Among speakers there are museum directors, writers and academics coming from the UK, Europe, Qatar, Turkey, Uzbekistan and the USA. The topics of their presentations range from impressionist painting in Nukus and Ottoman travelogue literature in Gdańsk, to the pragmatic Orientalism of Dyagilev’s ballets in Paris, Orientalist photography in the Levant, Portuguese luxury trade and Persian lacquer of Russian origin.

The organisers of the Cambridge conference aim to establish a special long-term programme on Cultural Orientalism which would include on a regular basis joint academic gatherings (conferences, seminar series, workshops and round tables) and exhibitions.

This is a unique joint initiative between the Orientalist Museum Doha and Pembroke College Cambridge, supported by the HRH Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Centre of Islamic Studies, Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies and the Faculty of Architecture and History of Art, University of Cambridge. This collaboration will provide a forum for the investigation, facilitation and promotion of the study of Cultural Orientalism, including visual art, literature, music and dance.

The programme also includes the participation of Qatar’s Museum of Islamic Art, Mathaf: Arab Museum of Modern Art in Doha, Doha Film Institute and Katara Cultural Village Foundation.