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Peer to Peer: Facebook Global Digital Challenge (P2P)

Facebook‘s global initiative for young university students and international competitions to harness students’ capacity for innovation to tackle prejudice, hate and extremism online. Student teams are challenged to counter the prevalence of hate and extremism on social media in a way that is credible and authentic to their peers and communities, with no limits on creativity. To do this, students had to choose a target audience and create positive, alternative narratives to hate speech online to support local communities. The programme reached 75 countries.

The Blanquerna Observatory participated with students from the Blanquerna School of Communication and International Relations, with whom they created the #BeTheKey campaign.

The campaign focuses on combating Islamophobic hate speech, both online and offline, in the area of the city where our centre is located. #BeTheKey was created to raise public awareness of this social injustice and to empower citizens to fight it. It emphazises that everyone, especially young people, can be the key to change, from preventing prejudice to improving understanding and knowledge of different cultures. The main tools for achieving these goals are social networks, the media and local bodies and institutions.

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