The Faculty of Communication and International Relations Blanquerna offers this course, which combines the triad communication, religion and new technologies. And it does so with more than thirty Professors and professionals specialized in this subject. Among these professionals, there is the Italian Vatican journalist from the newspaper Il Corriere della Sera, Luigi Accattoli; the Dra. Leticia Soberón, member of the Secretariat for Communication of the Holy See, the Editorial Director of Aleteia, Jesús Colina or the cyberteology expert, Antonio Spadaro SJ, among others. In this course, competent professionals in the Communication and the Public Image of Ecclesial and Religious Entities are formed. We also explore the new communication possibilities that the digital environment offers us to convey the religious and institutional message.

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Main Objectives

Training professionals to improve Communication and the Public Image of Ecclesial Entities.

-Knowing the religious fact and its media involvement.

-Assimilating the techniques of Institutional Communication applied to religious entities.

– Learning how to use new technologies due to disseminate the religious message.

– Familiarizing yourself with the demands and dynamics of the media and its uses.

– Understanding the workings of specialized journalism in religion.

-Detecting the keys of Corporate Communication to apply them to the religious environment.


Transversal and specific competences:

-Using the tools of Public Relations to promote knowledge of religious entities.

– Managing resources and techniques of the institutional communication of bishoprics, religious orders, groups, movements and ecclesial entities.

-Commanding the keys to the interpretation of religions, their historical and doctrinal backgrounds and their peculiarities in the relationship with propaganda, advertising, oratory and visual resources.

– Using the new social networks to allocate and disseminate the messages of religious institutions.

– Learning how to manage communicative projects related to religion.

-Knowing the main sources of religious information, organizations that deal with the religious fact throughout the world.

– Detecting the deficiencies and strong points in communication of the main world religious leaders.

Profile of the applying candidates

Any person who is in possession of a Spanish Official University Degree or another issued by a Higher Education Institution of the EEES can access to the Postgraduate .

The degree is aimed at those responsible for communication of religious entities, bishops, NGOs, Protocol Professionals’ and event’s organization of institutions related to the church and the interreligious world.

The access is opened to journalists who want to deepen in the knowledge of religions and new technologies, and communicators interested in the socioreligious sector, as well as teachers and Professors who want to apply the knowledge of religions and new technologies to their teaching method.

Institutional Communication Managers can have access to the Postgraduate, press offices, graduates in Publicity and Public Relations, Journalism, Audiovisual Communication, Humanities, Religious Sciences, who want to acquire professional knowledge of religion, institutional communication and social networks.

Those interested in attending the Postgraduate course must hold an interview with the Academic Director and / or with the Coordinator of the Master’s Degree. The list of admitted will be decided based on the personal interview and the CV of the candidate.

Career opportunities 

– Communication Responsible from a religious entity

– Journalist specialized in religious affairs

– Professor of Communication and Religion

– Expert on Social Networks and Religion


Academic Director

Dra. Míriam Díez Bosch


Alba Sabaté Gauxachs

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