Postgraduate in Institutional Communication and Religion in the Digital Age

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Why does a bishop need to have Facebook? How do jewish people handle communication? What did The da Vinci Code crisis mean to the Catholic Church? Blanquerna offers for a second year a course of Universitary Especialization Diploma (DEU, formerly known as postgraduate) in which these questions related to the management of religious institutions of a 2.0 context are analyzed.The Communication School has openned the pre-registration for the 2nd edition of this postgraduate (DEU), which is unique to Spain and that combines the triad communication, religion and new technologies. And it does so with more than thirty professors and specialized professionals in these matters, like the Italian vaticanist journalist from Il Corriere della Sera, Luigi Accattoli; the director of the Information Office of the Spanish Episcopal Conference, Isidro Catela; the president of Aleteia, Zenit founder and H2onews founder, Jesús Colina and the journalist Paloma Gómez Borrero, among others.

This course (October-June) has the main goal to train competent professionals in communication and public image of ecclesiastiacal and religious entities, as well as exploring new communication possibilities offered by the digital context in order to share the religious and institutional message. The flexible hours (a Friday afternoon and a Saturday morning a month and a week on the month of June of 2015) allow it to be combined with other occupations. The postgraduate is completed with a visit to Rome to the vatican media institutions.