Professor Jordi. A. Jauset publishes a book entitled ‘Brain and music: a healthy pair’.

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Cerebro y música: una pareja saludable. Las claves de la neurociencia musical. Editorial Círculo Rojo, 2013.

In this work, Dr Jordi A. Jauset, professor at the Faculty of Communication Blanquerna-URL, explains the basic principles for understanding how the brain reacts to music, the changes or modifications that occur in the different areas of the brain and the physiological, cognitive and emotional effects that result.
The author describes the main areas of the brain, explains the basics of brain scanning techniques that allow us to “see” inside the brain, describes the path and the processes involved in the journey of nerve information from the inner ear to the cortical areas, and finally mentions some current applications that show how music can contribute to improving well-being and quality of life.