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The Anna Lindh Foundation (ALF) was created within the European Union to promote cultural dialogue between the northern and southern Mediterranean. The United Nations Alliance of Civilizations, the League of Arab States, the Council of Europe, UNESCO and the Euro-Mediterranean Parliamentary Assembly have been regional and international partners of the ALF since its inception. The ALF is a “network of networks” based in each of the 42 countries of the Euromed area.

The Spanish network of the Anna Lindh Foundation consists of more than 130 organizations from all over Spain. Their areas of work are diverse and include development cooperation, intercultural dialogue, gender equality, youth, education, immigration, environment and media.

The heterogeneity of the members and the interdisciplinary nature of their activities constitute an added value to the network itself and an element of richness. The European Institute of the Mediterranean(IEMed) acts as coordinator of the network by designation of the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation and, among other functions, represents the Anna Lindh Foundation in Spain.

The Spanish network promotes joint actions to strengthen the alliances between the members of the network itself, the empowerment of civil society, as well as the promotion of socio-cultural diversity, democratic responsibility and sustainable human development in Spain. At the same time, it promotes joint actions with other Mediterranean countries of the ALF (Inter-Network Joint Actions), with the aim of strengthening the dialogue between the associations of the EuroMed area within the different working areas of the ALF.

The Blanquerna Observatory on Media, Religion and Culture is a member of REFAL, being a Spanish reference point in the field of culture and religion studies and digital media. Our work promotes networking with institutions and individuals interested in the field of religion.

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