Second International Congress on Freedom of Religion and Conscience

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The Chair of Religious Freedom and Conscience of the Ramon Llull University, constituted in the context of the Blanquerna Observatory on Communication, Religion and Culture, is a space of research and dissemination that has the main goal of studying and analyzing the freedom of religion and conscience situation in Catalonia.

The Chair (Blanquerna School of Communication and International Relations, Ramon Llull University) organized the Second International Congress on Freedom of Religion and Conscience in Barcelona on the 5th and 6th of June of 2024. The event will have the following goals:

  • To present good, local, regional or international practices on the management of religious diversity and the promotion of freedom of religion and conscience.
  • To analyze the international standards of valuation of the exercise of the right to freedom of religion and of conscience and the prevention of its violations.
  • To create a debate between experts and heads of international entities on the international situation and the trends of religious freedom and conscience, as well as on methodologies, categories and analysis indicators of the reality of religious freedom, and the concept of religion in a post-secular world.

The Congress will count with simultaneous panels in Catalan, Spanish or English. For any questions, you can contact us at


The academic communication proposals in order to participate in the Congress must include a summary with the main conclusions of the article and methodology (maximum of 500 words), as well as the affiliation/association to which the author belongs to.

Practical proposals that explain initiatives of religious freedom, of promotion of the interreligious and interconvictional dialogue are also welcome. In this case, it is also demanded a summary of a maximum of 500 words of what is to be presented and the institution of the author/s.

The proposals can be sent until the 14th of April of 2024 at

All proposals (accepted or rejected) will receive an answer before the month of May of 2024, after being evaluated by a committee.

The Congress will start on the night of the 5th of June of 2024 with a welcome drink. On the 6th of June, it will continue with different presentations and it will end on that afternoon.

In the Congress’ inscription it will be necessary to indicate if any communication/initiative is being presented. The students and staff of the URL (degree, masters or doctorate) will be granted a discount.

An assistance certificate will be handed to everyone, and to those presenting a communication, a certificate of having presented a communication at the Congress.

For further information, you can access the Congress’ web page.