Series of Conferences: The religious pluralism. The body is a dimension of existence.

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The goal of these conferences is to make an anthropological and religious approach to the body and the emotions, not only from the modernity of the christian matrix, but contextualized in traditional religious worldviews as Judaism, Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism.

We will answer these questions about fundamental aspects of existence: do religions have in consideration the body or are they only interested in the spiritual part? Are sensuality, love and pleasure intimately linked? Can one truly be happy? For traditional religions the body, the sensuality and the search of happiness are something important which has to be understood within each and every one of them.

Wednesday 5th of June of 2013, 19h


Judaism: “respect your body without idolizing it”

Islam: the body’s sacred

Buddhism: the body, the vehicle towards the Nirvana

Christianism: is it a gift from God?

Wednesday 12th of June of 2013, 19h


Judaism: does making love only mean procreating?

Islam: searching for pleasure

Hinduism: anjoyment as a path to salvation

Christianism: a responsible sensuality

Wednesday 19th of June of 2013, 19h


Judaism: living happiness day by day

Islam: happiness and mercy

Buddhism: the serach for happiness

Christianism: God whats our happiness

Place: Fundació Joan Maragall’s Auditorium (València, 244, 1r)

Inscription: 15 €