The 4th European Policy Dialogue Forum, co-organized by the Blanquerna Observatory, is held in Barcelona

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The Blanquerna Observatory of Media, Religion, and Culture has been one of the co-organizers of the 4th European Policy Dialogue Forum, a congress that brings together academic experts, politicians, and leaders from different religious communities around the world with the aim of sharing, analysing and addressing the challenges of migrants in Europe. Dr. Míriam Diez, Vice-dean of Research, Postgraduate and Institutional Relations of the Faculty and director of the Observatory, was one of the speakers at the inaugural table of this meeting, held on November 9 and 10 in Barcelona.

The Forum is promoted annually by the International Dialogue Centre KAICIID, the Network for Dialogue and the European Council of Religious Leaders / Religions for Peace Europe (ECRL/RfP) with the support of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR). This year’s edition has had as partners the Observatory and the ISCREB (Superior Institute of Religious Sciences).