The Blanquerna Observatory adheres to the Manifesto of the First International Congress on Aporophobia

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The First International Congress on Aporophobia, which tool place on the 30th and 31st of October in Barcelona, has culminated with the creation of the manifest titled “Walking towards the eradication of aporophobia“. The document affirms that our society suffers from aporophobia and that this type of discrimination underlays the majority of the observed discriminatory phenomenona. In turn, it approaches aporophobia as a key challenge in the democratic context: “Not only does it affect the poor person that suffers it, but also to the society that practices it”, as it “puts in jeopardy fundamental pillars of our rights like equality or dignity of the person”. This document is the result of what was discussed at the First International Congress on Aporophobia, which congregated more than 250 academics, social researchers, workers and members of the administration. These sessions were dedicated to sharing experiences and scientific evidences surrounding the aporophobia phenomena, contributing to the knowledge and collective conscience on this phenomena.