The Blanquerna Observatory participates in the first International Congress on Aporophobia

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The Blanquerna Observatory on Media, Religion and Culture participated the past 30th and 31st of October in the first International Congress on Aporophobia, which sought to sensitize about the phobia towards poverty. The Blanquerna Observatory’s researcher Lana Kazkaz moderated the panel “Aporophobia in the technological society“, which revolved around poverty in the context of the technological society, AI as a moral agent and the constitutional principle of fraternity as a the main thread between combat-legal penalty of the aporaphobia in Brasil. The event counted with the participation of the philosopher and professor Adela Cortina, international referent in the concept of aporophobia, who developed the concept with the aim of remarking what she calls a systematic rejection of poverty and of people without resources. The organization was taken care by IQS of the Universitat Ramon Llull (URL), Blanquerna of URL, Esade of URL, Caritas Diocesana of Barcelona, the Fundació Assís, the Fundació Arrels and the Fundació Pere Tarrés.