The documentary “Change the Frame” is presented at the Spiritual Film Exhibition

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Our Faculty has hosted this Friday, November 20th, the presentation of the documentary “Change the framework”, or in Spanish. New views for an intercultural society”, or in Spanish “Cambia el marco. Nuevas miradas para una sociedad intercultural“, within the framework of the Spiritual Film Exhibition. The project is funded by the La Caixa Foundation, the Pluralism and Coexistence Foundation, the Youth and Development Foundation and the Cineteca-Matadero Madrid and presents young people of different religions presenting their point of view and asking society what they think about religion. The post-documentary debate had the participation of students from the 1st year seminar of Professor Alba Sabaté and with the presence of Rita Gomes from the Pluralism and Coexistence Foundation, based in Madrid and financier of the Blanquerna Observatory of Communication, Religion and Culture project, “Be the Key“.