The Obs at the “In Search of a Round Table” conference

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This March 17th, Ana Pascual, member of the Blanquerna Observatory, attended the conference “In Search of a Round Table” organized by the International Partnership on Religion (PaRD). The theme of the session was “Gender, Religion and Decision-Making in Public Life” and was reflected upon the context of the 65th session of the UN’s Commission on the Status of Women, which is taking place from 15th to 26th of March.

What has been said?

In this session, as well as throughout the conference, important figures took part who opened up important reflections for debate:

  • In the words of Ambassador Michael Suhr of Denmark, “religion and gender equality often still generate animosity among one another, which is why we need to promote change from those who defend human rights”;
  • Dr. Musimbi Kanyoro remarked that “today’s panel enables a conversation that brings together religious players, governments and organizations with the objective of Gender Equality” and that “the image of a round table portrays a welcoming space where everyone’s voice is heard. It’s important to welcome inclusivity, all women into the table (…) when women enter the tables of decision-making, the conversation will both widen and become more relevant.”
  • Rev. Lusmaria Campos Garcia said that “working with faith is essential for two reasons: the main tools to oppress women are in religions and religious narratives have the power of setting us free.”
  • And Shanin Ashrad MBE added that “we need more women in power to accomplish the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.”