Verónica Israel at the international congress “Religious Identity and the Media”

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Verónica Israel, member of the Blanquerna Observatory and the research group STReaM, participated in the international congress “Religious identity and the media: Methods, concepts, theories and new research avenues” held in Warsaw during the days of the 25th and 27th of March, 2021.

At this congress, which proposed to share research on the dynamics of changes suffered by the construction of religious identity through the use of the media, they presented online the research “Are Catholics alone? Analyzing religious leadership through social connections on Twitter.” This study was conducted by Míriam Díez, Josep Lluís Micó and Verónica Israel, and they analyzed who the Catholic Institutions with the most followers on Twitter began to follow to understand what types of accounts these were, if they follow other religious institutions, the media, politicians or the public, if they began to follow a majority of accounts belonging to Catholics, if there is a gender balance in the accounts they choose to follow and to which countries they belong, in order to establish a categorization in terms of influence.