Webinar: A “sociological journey” through contemporary Judaism in Europe

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Last Monday, September 27, a webinar was held on Jewish communities in Europe. The webinar, named “A sociological journey “through contemporary Judaism in Europe” was organized by the Blanquerna Observatory of Communication, Religion and Culture, the Chair of Religious Freedom and Conscience of Catalonia, in conjunction with the American Jewish Joint Distribution Comittee. The presentation was made by Marcelo Dimentstein, Director of Research and Evaluation of the European office of the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, and moderated by Verónica Israel, researcher at the Blanquerna Observatory and the Chair of Religious Freedom and Conscience. In this framework, the speaker talked about various topics around the current situation of Jewish communities in Europe, the current demographics of this minority on the continent, problems and challenges they face, anti-Semitism and community crossroads such as membership patterns, conversions, mixed marriages and the debate over who is Jewish.