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Obs Webinars

Webinars discussing various topics with invited experts.

  • “Religion in Quarantine”, with Heidi Campbell, Felipe Hinojosa and Rebeca Hankins from Texas A&M University. The debate was chaired by Alba Sabaté.
  • “Unorthodox Perspectives: A debate on the Netflix series on the unorthodox”, with Clémence Boulouque, from Columbia University and Yael Leibovitz, from Develeap, Tel Aviv. Moderated by Verónica Israel.
  • “La filosofia del Zoom” (The Philosophy of Zoom) with Ignasi Boada, Professor of Humanities, Blanquerna URL and Joan Burdeus, writer, journalist and screenwriter. Debate chaired by Valentina Laferrara
  • “MigranTés”, dialogue and debate with migrants who share their story through a virtual tea. Moderated by Verónica Israel and Pau Vidal SJ, in collaboration with Migra Studium.
  • “Islam, Migrants and COVID-19 in Greece”, with Anna Stamou, Communications Manager of the Muslim Union of Greece. Moderated by Lydia Dionís.
  • “Enigmàrius on Diversity and Dialogue” with Màrius Serra, writer and creator of puns.
  • “Focusing: Interiority and communication during the coronavirus”, with Maria del Mar Albajar, Abbey of Sant Benet de Montserrat. Moderated by Míriam Díez.
  • “Influencia del COVID-19 en la teología y la fe” (Influence of COVID-19 in Theology and Faith) with Rafael Luciani, lecturer at Boston College. Moderated by Míriam Díez.
  • “Islam & Coronavirus. Challenges in times of pandemic”, with Amanda Figueras, journalist from Foro Abraham, moderated by Lydia Dionís.
  • “Intolerance and Hate in the age of the Coronavirus”. Organized by OSCE-ODIHR and Cities Faiths and Community Forum. Míriam Díez as invited speaker.
  • “Vaccination Rollout in the EU and the role of the Faith Sector”, organized by Cities Faith and Community Forum, Verónica Israel as invited speaker.
  • “The current status of the Freedom of Religion or Belief around the world”, organized by Faiths Forum for London, Alba Sabaté as invited speaker in the debate. 
  • “Regional Consultation on Countering Hate Speech”, organized by Centre KAICIID pel Diàleg Interreligiós, l’European Council of Religious Leaders (Religions for Peace) and OSCE / ODIHR, Alba Sabaté as invited speaker.
  • Virtual presentation of the book Educació integral i transformació del sistema educatiu de Catalunya (Integral Education and transformation of the educative system of Catalonia), by Dr Josep Gallifa, Alba Sabaté as invited moderator. 
  • Webinar “Discovering SACRU”, organized by Strategic Alliance of Catholic Research Universities, Míriam Díez as invited speaker.

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