Wikipedia Workshop against Islamophobia

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Fighting against islamophobia and contributing to beat the ignorance which provokes it. This has been the objective of the Wikipedia workshop against islamophobia organized by the Blanquerna Observatory of Media, Religion and Culture on the framework of the Be The Key campaign against islamophobia. The workshop has been tailored with the objective of giving tools and abilities to edit and make rigorous contributions to one of the most used sources of knowledge worldwide: Wikipedia. Miquel Codolar, journalist and Wikipedia activist, has prepared a session focusing on concepts related to Islam, in order to overcome the ignorance that triggers discriminatory comments and actions.

ADESC Ceuta (Juan Luis Muñoz) and Al-Fanar Foundation (Laura Amate) have attended the event in representation of both entities. Their attendance has been made possible by the “Programa de Movilidad de la Red Española de la Fundación Anna Lindh. The activity has taken place in the occasion of the International Day Against Islamophobia.