Women and their public participation: a faith perspective

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Women are a key piece in society and family. As an educator to the family, she has an important role for future generations. As a political leader, she can become an element of balance in society, having in mind their sensibility in the caring of people, of the human rights of children. Women have a very important task to do as a member of public servie, as an educator in schools and universities.

Dones de Fe are, so, a driving force in our society, but this force conties to seek its recognizement. During this meeting in Rome, four women of faith (a Muslim one, a Jewish one, a Christian one and a Sikh one) will give their testimonies about compromise in today’s world.

Event information:

Date: Jueves 18 abril, 2013

Place: Joan Pau II Auditorium;  Pontifícia Università Urbaniana – Via Urbà VIII, 16, 00165 – Roma.

Information and contact: 06 69889611  / eventi@urbaniana.edu / secretariat@ifiie.org