Workshop of communication in the mediterranean

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The Blanquerna Observatory on communications, religion and culture, last 21 of march participated in a virtual workshop “The power of communication, workshop of communication for social entities in the Mediterranean” whose objective is to increase the impact and effectiveness of communications. It was organized by REVOLVE, a communication group that promotes sustainability projects in aspects of water, ecosystems, energy, mobility and circular economy. The workshop was given by Marta Castillo, member of the REVOLVE group and member of the AMWAJ 2016 alliance, a REVOLVE initiative that brings together communicators, organizations, researchers and politicians to promote and raise awareness about sustainable water management on the southern and northern shores of the Mediterranean. On the occasion, Castillo stated that the essential characteristics of effective communication are clarity, passion and veracity. The event also featured a rich discussion focused on how communication helps to inform and change minds, and how to define the audience, select the right channel, and tailor the message to make it transparent, coherent, and persuasive. Among other issues, they discussed the power of stories to highlight common humanity and to promote empathy, imagination and understanding of concepts. Well, when statistics lose meaning, stories put on a face and when problems get out of hand, stories allow us to be part of the change.