Young people enrich Wikipedia with content on humanitarian corridors

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As part of the HUMcore project, led by Sant’Egidio Italia, the Blanquerna Observatory held a session on 16th April of 2024 aimed at introducing relevant information about humanitarian corridors into Wikipedia. This initiative included the participation of a group of young aspiring communicators who were guided by prominent professionals such as Miquel Codolar, journalist and Wikipedia volunteer, and Guillermo Soler, journalist and anthropologist, and Catalina Girona. The 3-hour session took place at the Blanquerna School of Communication and International Relations of the Ramon Llull University. The HUMCore project promotes the implementation of Humanitarian Corridors, a programme of safe and legal relocation to Europe, promoting social inclusion based on a network of solidarity. The aim is to respond to the large number of refugees fleeing situations of war and poverty in different countries.